We make importing/exporting easy for you. You make the products. We will make them sell. Performance is key to successful exporting, because you are interested in long-term growth, not short-term sales. We eliminate your risk of doing business abroad giving you direct access to foreign markets at a lower cost than any other available alternative.

Prepare and Analyze. Translate your brand’s identity to foreign consumers

The best export strategy is concise and simple. To achieve success, you need a plan and remain in control of your business, and not let the business control you. We help you creating your export strategy with quantifiable objectives, which helps to match your resources to export aims.

Bring your key export goals into sharp focus – so you know exactly where to aim your efforts 

  1. Know products, which are in demand in overseas markets.
  2. Cost analysis to develop your tailored export markets: International communications. Production of export literature (including translations). Packaging and labelling (products). Product liability insurance or other insurances. Compliance with foreign standards.
  3. Make sure your domestic and international marketing activities (off and on line) are aligned.
  4. Competitor analysis, to determinate how will your product compete in future
  5. Gather basic market information that involves import duties, regulations, distribution channels, market size and growth, competition, demographics and local production – and assess market opportunities. Not just data, but descriptions of cultural factors in business dealings and a flavour of the market environment.

Research and Pursue. Every prospective buyer and distributors are contacted.

We estimate resources to cover the total cost of exporting and start to present your products to overseas buyers to get their reaction; then develop direct contacts with potential buyers.

Confident. Responsive. Professional

  1. Estimate export pricing and quotations. The right pricing and the way quotes are provided are both crucial. We calculate costs to include when setting export prices, such freight and other costs in the supply chain. We manage sales enquiries: every overseas trade enquiry is treated seriously.
  1. Start Export Marketing. Establish contact with prospective customers. We support your selling opportunity during events such missions, scheduled visits, trade shows. Our regular visits to your target markets increase access to potential customers with low travel costs and easier access to information about potential markets, competitive products and new trends.
  1. Provide results data and reports. Check and adapt the export plan accordingly. Your export plan is an active management tool and it is regularly updated.

Connect and Manage. Finalize your long-term business friendship with clients

Price is not the only factor that affects your success in attracting new customers. Credit terms, delivery speed and reliability, customer service and warranty, after-sales care and the quality of your product are all important in getting and keeping new international business.

Not always all about price

  1. Connect two parts handling transport and documentation. Check in advance regulations in the destination country. Assist customers with the order process and provide the most current shipping status on existing orders. We aim to offer a service that equals or surpasses local expectations.
  2. Provide quality responses and service to your new export customers; guarantee service support to all products. Clients are likely to remember that we provided friendly and responsive customer service without high pressure ‘closing’ techniques, making every attempt to resolve the customer’s needs as fully and quickly as possible.


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